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Everyone needs a break from the real world. That's why we played games as children and that's why we should play games as adults. We take those games and turn them into entertainment for YOU.

Life is hard, so come play pretend with us!

Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Blades in the Dark, Delta Green - you name it, we play it! With groups of friends made up of comedians, actors and the top names in actual play, our shows explore the full gamut of tabletop role-playing game systems, demystifying how different rulesets work while telling captivating stories with unforgettable characters.

Live Tour

We make gaming a spectator sport!

Join us as we travel the country bringing the infectious joy of playing a home game with your best friends to a rock club near you!

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Who we are

Good buddies who love gaming

From humble beginnings in 2015, we have grown in size, scope and audience into the premiere source for RPG Entertainment. Whether you're a five-game-a-week-super-nerd or someone who just loves a good story, we have the shows for you and all are welcome in the Naish!

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Latest Releases
Pathfinder 2E • EP23
The Artful Lodger
A gallery of magical paintings answers some questions about Kaneepo's past while unearthing new mysteries. An ad-fre...
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CANNON FODDER NEW 1920x1080 04.png
Talk Show • EP273
Troy and Joe put together a juicy Fod covering the 2024 live tour, the massive lore dump in this week's ep of the GCP...
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Pathfinder 1E • S3 | EP54
There Might Be Giants Part 7
Back to the throne room. This podcast is available with the Naish Basic Membership.
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Rogue agents struggle against the unnatural.

Cosmic horrors from beyond the stars plague clandestine agents of an organzition so secret, it doesn't exist. Join a rotating cast of players and handlers in this anthology series featuring the Delta Green RPG where sometimes death is a better alternative than losing one's mind.


Delta Green


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Delta Green


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