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When New Game, Who Dis? began in the spring of 2019, fans recommended one game to us over and over again as a new system to try. That system was Delta Green. What began as a simple three episode jaunt through the starter scenario turned into arguably the most compelling series the Network has ever produced.

Delta Green is a modern Lovecraftian horror RPG revolving around a secret government agency dedicated to combating the evils that shall not be named. With a rotating cast of characters who have become the most notorious across the GCN pantheon of shows, Get in the Trunk is a must listen and now a must watch as well!

Get in the Trunk is an anthology series playing through various Delta Green scenarios by Arc Dream Publishing, such as Last Things Last, The Last Equation, A Victim of the Art and Ex Oblivione. In 2022, Season 4 began the first long-form Delta Green campaign — Impossible Landscapes.

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Beyond the Pale

S4 | EP9 • Aug 18, 2022

The Agents reach the point of no return, and each is put to a decision of whether they will walk away or risk destroying their careers, reputation, and bonds to complete the mission.

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