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Good friends having infectious fun playing games with each other while also creating memorable stories together with rich, intricate plots and characters that would rival anything on TV or in Film — that's the Glass Cannon Network.


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Troy met Joe in the spring of 2011 when Joe was recommended by a friend to join Troy's softball team in Central Park. It was over post-game beers that they realized they were both big geeks who played D&D as teenagers. Soon thereafter, Joe revealed that he had just gotten back into it and convinced Troy to roll up a character and come play. It was at that session Troy met Joe's new friend Skid, and the rest is history. After a couple years of playing in a home game together, their GM moved away, so Troy took up the mantle. A new campaign ensued where occasionally people would step in to play like Skid's friend Grant and Joe's friend Matthew. In the winter of 2014, as Troy was auditioning, doing stand-up and trying to get any momentum going in his career, he emailed Joe and Skid with a simple proposition — to create their own Pathfinder podcast. There weren't many actual play pods out there at the time, and Troy just knew that the shenanigans that went on in their home game would translate perfectly to a show for an audience. On March 15th, 2015, The Glass Cannon Podcast launched their first three episodes playing the Giantslayer Pathfinder Adventure Path.

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As their audience began to grow, so did the demand for more content. In May of 2017, after over two years of trying to get noticed, they signed a deal with Paizo, Inc., the first of its kind, to become an officially licensed Pathfinder podcast. This meant that they could monetize the show in an effort to grow beyond just one single podcast. Rather than muddy their flagship show with ads, they looked to a fairly new crowdfunding platform called Patreon, where fans could subscribe at various tiers to unlock rewards and exclusive content. As subscriptions began to pour in, they were able to add a second weekly show, then a Patreon exclusive show, then suddenly the founders were leaving their jobs to work for this wild new start-up full-time and thus the Glass Cannon Network was born.


Years later, the GCN is now considered a pioneer in the world of RPG Entertainment, producing a volume of content across all genres like no other with an ever-growing stable of the industry's top personalities. As they expand into new markets and content silos, the GCN hopes to continue paving the way for others to engage in this new art form, creating a safe and inclusive space for people everywhere to come together and get lost in great stories with unforgettable characters.

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