GCN Subscription Service Walkthrough

So you’ve decided to join the new GCN Subscription Service. Good Call!

If you are NOT currently a Patreon subscriber, simply click on the link below to create your account and start listening!


If you ARE a current Patreon subscriber, switching your membership couldn’t be easier! Follow these three steps and you’ll be able to lock in your legacy pricing from your current Patreon tier:

  1. Click the link below and log in with your Patreon email address. In order to receive the legacy pricing for the new plans and/or receive credit for your annual Patreon subscriptions transferring over, you MUST use the email address associated with your Patreon account. If you don't, you won't see the option to be grandfathered in. https://glasscannon.supercast.com/patreons
  2. Reconnect to Discord using the link you receive in the welcome email after you transfer over. (The welcome email is looooong so you may have to hit READ MORE at the bottom of it to see the Discord link.) We also recommend that you log in and out of Discord in order for changes to take effect and to see the new channels. If you haven’t been on the Discord before, it is a great community that nerds out on all things GCN 24/7! It can also be a great resource if you are having any technical issues or have a question about the new service. The pinned messages in the beta test feedback channel give additional context to the FAQ.
  3. Cancel your Patreon subscription. Those days are OVER.

Do yourself a favor and read the FAQ to discover all the cool new features you can take advantage of with the new GCN Subscription Service!

-The GCN

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