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First published in 1977, Traveller is a science fiction RPG in the vein of The Expanse or Battlestar Galactica. Most who played the original game back in the day remember the robust character creation system where if you push too far and get unlucky with the dice, you can die before you even start playing.

Voyagers of the Jump is an original adventure using the 2022 2nd Edition Update to the Traveller RPG rules set by Mongoose Publishing.


The Job

S1 | EP2 • Aug 17, 2022

We drop directly into our story with the crew of the Far Trader The Kate's Gambit in the midst of a job on the world of Garda-Vilis in the Spinward Marches. When they attract some unwanted attention, however, they'll have to improvise a new plan to finish the job and get away.

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