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When the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to shut down our recording studio and put the majority of our content on hold, Side Quest Side Sesh was created so that everyone who relied on our shows would still get something every week to make them smile. To this day, players and fans alike look to SQSS as a true hallmark of the kind of content we create.

We took three separate Pathfinder 1E modules and weaved them together to create a time spanning story featuring some of the most unforgettable characters on the Network. From a simple hayseed farming town to the most wild and controversial finale of all time,

Side Quest Side Sesh is 37 episodes that stand up to anything we've ever produced. Side Quest Side Sesh is an officially licensed Pathfinder live stream and actual play podcast of Paizo’s Feast of Ravenmoor, The Midnight Mirror and Carrion Hill modules using the Pathfinder 1st Edition rules set.

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Downward Facing Yog

EP37 • Jan 4, 2021

In the finale of Side Quest Side Sesh, the party faces off against the Spawn of Yog-Sototh in a gut-wrenching battle for the ages! While Side Quest has come to an end, you can still join the Glass Cannon crew every week on Wednesdays for New Game, Who Dis? and Fridays for Androids & Aliens, both at 8PM EST on! For every confirmed crit and fumble during the stream, The Glass Cannon Network donated $50 to Coronavirus Pandemic Direct Relief:

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2Stirge to Kill...Rising
1Sharp as a Provolone

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