Raiders of the Lost Continent



Pathfinder 1E



Long ago, the great empire of Azlant was destroyed by meteors flung down from the furthest reaches of space by unknown enemies. As time passed, no explorer who dared to visit this once glorious site of civilization ever returned to tell of their findings. A new expedition sending waves of colonists over to the nearest surviving island will soon discover that perhaps some secrets are best left buried.

It's the TV show Lost meets a Pathfinder Adventure Path in the first fully exclusive Patreon only podcast.

Raiders of the Lost Continent is an officially licensed actual play podcast of Paizo’s Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path, using the Pathfinder 1st Edition rules set.

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Aboleth Than Zero

S3 | EP37 • Feb 4, 2022

The heroes confront the true source of the evil in Zanas-Tahn. This episode is available to all of our Patreon subscribers here.

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