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When COVID-19 hit, we stopped production on all of our shows after we shuttered the doors to our recording studio. In an effort to keep creating exclusive content for our Patreon subscribers, we decided to finally break away from the two Paizo games we were playing and begin exploring the wide range of everything else that was out there. New Game, Who Dis? started as an experiment and became the runaway hit of the pandemic. As we discovered so many new games and systems that we loved, NG,WD? evolved into a streaming show for all of 2021 as we explored every game under the sun with a rotating cast of GMs and players. While New Game, Who Dis? ended at the start of 2022, its legacy has launched the production of several new series, paving the way for our entire content catalogue into the future.

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The One Ring Episode 4

EP74 • Jan 3, 2022

Sentenced to community service for their various misdeeds, the hobbits are dispatched to the Eastfarthing. The podcast of this episode is available to our $10 Premium Audio Patreon subscribers here.

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