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Long ago, when the world was young, powerful beings known as runelords ruled the land using their rune magic to hold power over all. Their reign of terror would eventually come to an end as these ruthless despots were sealed away in inescapable prisons. Several thousand years later, one such runelord has awoken and will stop at nothing to take back their former empire.

Rise of the Runelords was the first Adventure Path released for Pathfinder back in 2007. It set the tone for every adventure released since then and is considered by many the best AP ever released by Paizo.

Legacy of the Ancients is an officially licensed Pathfinder actual play podcast of Paizo’s Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, using the Pathfinder 1st Edition rules set.

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Gulliver's Trammels

S4 | EP11 • May 21, 2024
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S4 | EP11Gulliver's Trammels
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S4 | EP9Lie Down Forever
S4 | EP8Yellow Beam
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S3 | EP46Brand New Hag
S3 | EP45Drop Dead Forge House
S3 | EP44Cavern Brawl
S3 | EP43Appalling Kreegs
S3 | EP42Summit to Talk About
S3 | EP41By Hook or by Crook
S3 | EP40Riz to the Occasion
S3 | EP39Devil of a Time
S3 | EP38Ain't Nothin' but a Sting
S3 | EP37I Love It When You Call Me Wet Papa
S3 | EP36Troll For Initiative
S3 | EP35Dam It Feels Good
S3 | EP34Fey Wild
S3 | EP33Shut Your Yap
S3 | EP32Fen For Yourselves
S3 | EP31Curt Flood
S3 | EP30Nessie's Girl
S3 | EP29Executioner's Song
S3 | EP28Jail and Well Met
S3 | EP27Skip to My Lu
S3 | EP26Loot There It Is
S3 | EP25Hookmaw & Pa
S3 | EP24Pappy and You Know It
S3 | EP23Sole Survivor
S3 | EP22Backup Plan
S3 | EP21Horse Foundry
S3 | EP20Keep Your Pants On
S3 | EP19The Bailey Show
S3 | EP18Ogre and Out
S3 | EP17Lumbering About
S3 | EP16Ring of Truth
S3 | EP15Cave at the Office
S3 | EP14It's a Waterfall Life
S3 | EP13Any Fort in a Storm
S3 | EP12Barn Again
S3 | EP11Muck Rakers
S3 | EP12Home Alone
S3 | EP9Mama Clan
S3 | EP8Kin Folk
S3 | EP7Natural Barn Killers
S3 | EP6Bring the Rukus
S3 | EP5Star Search
S3 | EP4Bar Entry
S3 | EP3Ferry Crossing Mercy
S3 | EP2Winds of Wartle
S3 | EP1Turtleback to the Future
S2 | EP53Comedy of Manors
S2 | EP52Chevy Chase
S2 | EP51Gnome Is Where the Heart Is
S2 | EP50Serpent's Run
S2 | EP49Spire Walk With Me
S2 | EP48Rock Around the Clock
S2 | EP47All Along the Clocktower
S2 | EP46Under the Bridge
S2 | EP45Office Hours
S2 | EP44The Cruelest Cult
S2 | EP43Run of the Mill
S2 | EP42Lion in Wait
S2 | EP41House It Going
S2 | EP40Owl Be Seeing You
S2 | EP39Keystone Cops
S2 | EP38Arresting Development
S2 | EP37On Your Guard
S2 | EP36Noose to Meet You
S2 | EP35Just Enough for the City
S2 | EP34The Devil You Know
S2 | EP33The Store to the North
S2 | EP32Sandpoint of No Return
S2 | EP31Ghoul Runnings
S2 | EP30Corvid-19
S2 | EP29Crazy Like a Foxglove
S2 | EP28Single Wight Female
S2 | EP27Pick of the Litter
S2 | EP26True Paralyze
S2 | EP25Ghoul Interrupted
S2 | EP24Batter Up
S2 | EP23Autumn Attic
S2 | EP22Descent of a Woman
S2 | EP21Breaking the Mold
S2 | EP20Thorn in the Side
S2 | EP19A Sense of Tumor
S2 | EP18A Manticore All Seasons
S2 | EP17 Shall We Dance
S2 | EP16House Party
S2 | EP15A Night Alone
S2 | EP14Ghoul Tide
S2 | EP13Strawman Argument
S2 | EP12Farm Over Function
S2 | EP11Sole Asylum
S2 | EP10Under the Cuckoo's Nest
S2 | EP9Dire Straitjacket
S2 | EP8Habe to Say It
S2 | EP7A Slime to Remember
S2 | EP6The Rune Where It Happens
S2 | EP5Hell in a Cell
S2 | EP4The Slay's the Thing
S2 | EP3Andros and the Ogre
S2 | EP2Show Day
S2 | EP1Home Again
S1 | EP41Crustacean Identification
S1 | EP40Barghest Appearance
S1 | EP39Coin by Nature
S1 | EP38Nualia Base Are Belong to Us
S1 | EP37Tracks of My Fears
S1 | EP36Shadow of Redoubt
S1 | EP35Fighting in the War Room
S1 | EP34Horse Cents
S1 | EP33You're the Man Now, Dog
S1 | EP32Chief Concerns
S1 | EP31Commando Conquer
S1 | EP30Cliffin' the Big Dead Dog
S1 | EP29Mind the Gap
S1 | EP28Bridge of Guys
S1 | EP27Join Cougar Goblincamp
S1 | EP26Gory Hole
S1 | EP25Bramble On
S1 | EP24Village People
S1 | EP23Six Underground
S1 | EP22Kiss From a Gross
S1 | EP21Three Armed Bandit
S1 | EP20Opening Crawl
S1 | EP19Bejailed Blitz
S1 | EP18Ameiko You Crazy
S1 | EP17Tsuto Masochism
S1 | EP16Factory Sealed
S1 | EP15Glass Menagerie
S1 | EP14Elf Help
S1 | EP13Toys in the Attic
S1 | EP12Ocean's Seven
S1 | EP11Chop Til Your Drop
S1 | EP10Act of Dog
S1 | EP9Night of the Livid Dad
S1 | EP8The Art of Boar
S1 | EP7Cellar Beware
S1 | EP6Skeleton Keys
S1 | EP5Tomb Patrol
S1 | EP4Hero Dork Nerdy
S1 | EP3The Aristocrat
S1 | EP2Fire Festival
S1 | EP1Morning in Sandpoint

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