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A thousand years ago, this was a land of beauty and magic. Then came the cataclysm which blotted out the sun and ripped open the gates to the land of the dead. The city of Doskvol is a metropolis of refineries and tenements surrounded by crackling lightning towers. Outside the city is a wasteland of ravening undead. Inside the city is a teeming hive of scum and villainy, intrigue and corruption. Life is cheap in a city ruled by death. The sun is gone and the only things that shine in Doskvol are the BLADES IN THE DARK!

Haunted City is an original adventure using the Blades in the Dark rules set by Evil Hat Productions.

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Vengeance and Voltage

S1 | EP25 • Dec 30, 2022

A confrontation with Una Farros leads the Remnant to decide the fate of Duskvol.

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