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Occasionally, it's fun to just sit down and play a game with people without committing to a seven year campaign. That's how Friends of the Pod came to be — a place for your favorite Glass Cannon Network personalities to invite new friends over to play some games for your entertainment.

Author and RPG legend Seth Skorkowsky joined us for the premiere episode where we played a Modern Call of Cthulhu two shot that ended up being one of the most watched events in Glass Cannon history. Stay tuned for future guests and shows as more Friends of the Pod returns soon!

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RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Part 3

EP7 • Aug 8, 2023

After a vicious combat, the heroes join together, intent on finding out why the heralds of the Red Emporer were sent to steal from the sacred tree. Their quest will take them far from Pyne, into the heart of mind-bending evil. Many thanks to Brian Holland and all of our friends at Chaosium for this incredible journey into the world of Glorantha and the exciting new options offered by the Cults of RuneQuest supplements!

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