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What began as a companion show to The Glass Cannon Podcast, exploring behind the screen GM and player tips for each episode, evolved into a weekly interview show covering all the goings on in The Glass Cannon Network. Join us every Friday live on Twitch or live from the road during a touring weekend as we sit down with the various personalities of the Network to get to know the people outside of the game.

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11/18/22 with Paula Deming

EP213 • Nov 18, 2022

Board games, PAX Unplugged, and our upcoming Blood of the Wild series rule the day on this Fodder as Joe welcomes the wonderful Paula Deming back to the Fod! With 20 or more board game recommendations from all genres of the hobby, this Fod will be your holiday shopping guide to gifts for all your nerdy family and friends!

The podcast of this episode is available to our $10 Premium Audio Patreon subscribers here.

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