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When the existence of an ancient doomsday weapon comes to light, a group of spacefarers must race across the galaxy to stop it from getting in the wrong hands.

As the popularity of the flagship show grew, the number one request by the growing fanbase was for us to produce another weekly show. Androids & Aliens was that show.

The campaign ended in late 2021, clocking in at 155 episodes that many people believe is the best story told on the Network to date. Androids & Aliens is an officially licensed Starfinder actual play podcast of Paizo’s Dead Suns Adventure Path.

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For Everyone But You (Series Finale)

EP155 • Dec 8, 2021

In the series finale, the crew of the Sarissa take control of the bridge of the Empire of Bones and must now decide if they can make the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe. Troy Lavallee, Joe O'Brien, Skid Maher, Grant Berger, Matthew Capodicasa, Ellinor Dilorenzo, Sydney Amanuel and David Winters want to thank you for letting us in your homes, eyes and ears every week. This may be the final episode of this series, but for more podcasts and streams, visit glasscannonnetwork.com where there are over 1000 episodes of other shows for you to get lost in.

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