Gen Con 2023 Day 4 Schedule

Jul 27, 2023 • New Video
Cephalofair_GenCon23_Gloomhaven_2 1920.jpg

Assuming we all survived the first three days, Gen Con Day 4 starts at 10:15AM on Sunday August 6th with a game that is near and dear to our hearts. If you know the GCN, you know that we are huge fans of arguably the greatest board game ever made — Gloomhaven! After absolutely CRUSHING it on their BackerKit campaign, our friends at Cephalofair are letting us dig our claws into the Gloomhaven TTRPG! Noted Gloom-head Joe O’Brien will be running Skid, Matthew, Paula Deming and Josephine McAdam through a very unique character creation sesh! This will serve as a Part One with Part Two coming out later this year!

MARVEL_GenCon23_ MarvelRPG_2.jpg

After an unbelievably memorable first San Diego Comic-Con where we debuted the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game, our new friends at Marvel DEMANDED that we play even more at Gen Con! At 12:30PM ET, we are headed back to the Multiverse. Our very own Doctor Doom, Troy Lavallee, has assembled a Fantastic Four of Joe, Skid, Matthew and Noura Ibrahim to play in a stand-alone sesh where, this time, they’ll be playing established Marvel super-heroes! Tune in to watch our players battle the most formidable of foes: sleep deprivation!

Paizo_GenCon23_Highhelm_Sunday2 1920.jpg

Want to see what four days of very little sleep, moderate to heavy drinking and non-stop gaming will do to your old buddies? So do we! At 2:45PM ET, we are ending our time at Gen Con the same way we started — with more Pathfinder 2E! If you are impressed with our rules knowledge on our regular Pathfinder 2E shows, just wait until you see a very sleepy Joe try to explain grappling! It’s gonna be a good time!


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