Gen Con 2023 Day 1 Schedule

Jul 24, 2023 • New Video

Can you believe Gen Con 2023 is just over one week away?! It seems like just yesterday that we were building our first booth on the exhibition hall floor. Well, the Glass Cannon Network’s pop-up recording studio is back for its second year and we have a full slate of games and demos coming at you as well as several other events happening all week long during “the best four days in gaming!”

Starting next Thursday August 3rd all the way through the end of Gen Con on Sunday August 6th, we will once again be broadcasting live from the showroom floor from open to close. If you’ll be there in person, be sure to stop by Booth 174 and say hello, but if you can’t make it out, you can catch almost all of the action live on twitch.tv/theglasscannon!

Every day this week we will be sharing with you more information about what you can expect from the GCN at Gen Con — from the games and interviews that we have lined up to the live shows that we are performing both inside and outside the convention! Strap in Naish, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover!

Let’s have a look at Gen Con 2023 Day 1!


We are kicking off Gen Con 2023 the same way we did last year with a little game we like to call Pathfinder 2E! On Thursday August 3rd at 10:15 AM ET, the GCN Founders will be joined by Erik “Tiny Murder Klowne” Mona himself to play in an exciting new Pathfinder 2E adventure brought to you by our good friends at Paizo. While only Troy knows exactly what is in store for this show, you can be sure that whatever it is will be very frustrating for Joe. And isn’t that what it’s really all about — getting a bunch of your best buddies together in a room, sitting down for a game and slowly turning them against you over the course of a couple of hours. Good times.

Vast Grimm.jpg

Next up is a game that we are so excited to finally get to play for you — Infinite Black’s Vast Grimm. In fact, this Friday night at 8PM ET on our twitch channel, you can watch the character creation session for the game we’ll be playing LIVE at Gen Con on Thursday August 3rd at 12:30PM ET. Blood of the Wild and Haunted City’s own Jared Logan is taking a cast of Sydney Amanuel, Paula Deming, Noura Ibrahim and Kate Stamas on a journey to explore the universe and confront unspeakable grimdark horrors! These OSR games always hit a little different and with this cast, we’re expecting pandemonium!


Speaking of which, at 2:45PM ET, Troy and Joe will be joined by none other than Beadle & Grimm’s Matthew Lillard and Bill Rehor to talk about and preview their upcoming television show Faster Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! Troy and Joe flew out to LA a couple months ago to be a part of it and trust us when we say you will want to see what the B&G team has cooked up for this one of a kind new show.

DND 5E.jpg

To finish out day one at the booth, we hand the reins over to Blood of the Wild’s own Paula Deming for some D&D 5E. She will be joined by Harli Kane, Rob Kerkovich, Josephine McAdam and Matthew Capodicasa! Talk about an ALL-STAR CAST! And Matthew will be there too! Just how many bards will be in this party is something that only Paula can answer.


“Wow,” you might say. And shame on you if you don’t. “That sure is a lot of amazing content to produce in one day. At least you get the rest of the night off to relax and enjoy the con.” If we were any other company, you’d be right! But we’re the Glass Cannon Network baby! So that very same night, 8PM ET at Helium Comedy Club, it’s the SOLD OUT Glass Cannon Live! Indianapolis show where the team will be officially starting Book Four of Strange Aeons! The Indy shows are always a non-stop party, so you better hope there are scalpers outside or you're SOL!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a preview of Day Two where we really kick things into high gear!


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